Lost Dog? Some Suggestions

I hope this doesn’t happen to any of you!

Some suggestion if your dog get lost…and preemptive strikes to lessen the likelihood…..please click on the following link!



Grumbling….Grumbling…..I Do Not Like This, Sam-I-Am!

I have come to the conclusion that I do not like Word Press for a blogging tool. 

I think it’s hard to negotiate   I think it’s unfriendly.  I think when I type in “wordpress” it should take me to my main blog page and from there I can write a new blog. I think it’s hard to find stuff. I think they’re always trying to squeeze a buck out of you.  Upgrade?  For what?  Your interface sucks.

And since when should you have to PAY for templates???  What the heck is THAT about?  Some of the templates are $68, 75 and up!  Why?

I know lots of people use WordPress but I prefer Blogger or blogspot.  It’s probably because I started blogging there.  Even with the new interface, which I’m not thrilled with, I still prefer it. 

So please, if you are reading this….and I thank you for doing so, I’ll link all my blogs from now one indiviually to Blogspot and you can read, rant, comment there. I do encourage you to read my blog at blogspot too!

The address Is: