The “A” Debate. Again.

A question was asked:

If you believe we all have a soul, and an abortion occurs, what happens to the soul of the unborn baby?

A man replied:

The soul of the unborn baby will go to heaven, the soul of the killer will go to hell.Plain and simple.

I do not mean to cast stones at anybody’s religious beliefs but Horse-sh*t!  I do not believe in Hell.

I have lived through various stages of “purgatory” in my human existence. If you’ve gone through chemo or radiation, severe illness, chronic. never-ending pain….you have experienced Hell. Alzheimer’s is living Hell.

That being said…..All souls’ go into Spirit, God, The Divine, from where they came.  If the embryo is absorbed, that it a natural abortion; it is still part of God.  The soul rejoins Divine Love, it wasn’t its time to have an earthy experience. If a pregnant woman is injured, molested, shot, almost killed and she aborts, the entity of the unborn still goes back to The One. If a woman is raped, and choose, as is her RIGHT, that unborn will rejoin The Divine.  It is my RIGHT to make that choice.

A man can never know never, ever, in a million years, what that decision is like.  Never.  It is a gross presumption to think that someone who cannot get pregnant could comprehend that.  Never.

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience.  Some of us will have a long one, many decades, some of us will only have a matter of days or hours in finite form.  We are part of The Divine.

I know Ishmael: God within, God without.  My soul is prepared, how’s yours?


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