Back Up, Back Up….

WE Have Been Warned

This is why you don’t go to internet phone, live completely through your cell phone (“my life is on that thing”) and you should have one phone in your residence that is a real phone, plugged into the wall, not wireless!  We’ve had brown-out before in the Northeast Ohio area, the East Coast has had black–outs.  There are hurricanes and tornadoes. If you live in a rural area, you can be without power for days!

Do you know how to look up stuff in the library without a computer?

Can you do basic math in your head or on a piece of paper?

Can you add a sale up and figure the sales taxes? Without a calculator?

Do you have a hard copy of all your email addresses and contacts in your phone?

If the web and cell towers go down, we “over 45s” will rule the world because we’re the only ones who were taught this stuff in school!

ALWAYS have a back up, hard copy of important stuff like contacts. Get an address book.


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