Kelly Ripa and Pit Bulls

To Kelly Ripa and all fans of her show.

(And yes, I posted this on the LIVE Facebook page but no doubt it’ll get yanked.)

Ms. Ripa: You should not make blanket comments about pit bulls (or even that type of dog). It shows a blatant ignorance and an assumption on your part of biased, quasi-education.

Should we say the same thing about blondes, your appearance or your intelligence, you’d be rather angry, hurt, disappointed, wouldn’t you? Perhaps not, as by your comments, it’s highly doubtful as to whether you possess any of the virtues of basic intellect but rather an alarmist, punt-kick attitude towards dog related things of which you could not possibly have any reasonable knowledge.

In other words, Ms. Ripa, you be needin’ some educatin’!


2 thoughts on “Kelly Ripa and Pit Bulls

  1. You are just plain ignorant!!!!!! Have you even gotten near a pit? Probably not. Your to much of a sissy. I had a part pit. Guess what? I’m not even close to being a gangster. I’m a CNA. I’ll spell it out for you incase you have no clue what that is. Certified Nurse Aide ( state tested yet to boot). I use to like you. Thought you were funny, but NOT any more!!!!!!

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